Rage 2 DLC: Rise Of The Ghosts Detailed By Bethesda

Set for release on September 26.
Rage 2 will receive an expansion called Rise of the Ghosts soon.
Rage 2 will receive an expansion called Rise of the Ghosts soon. Bethesda

The post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Rage 2 has just unveiled details regarding its huge upcoming expansion titled Rise of the Ghosts. Through a posting on the Bethesda website, info about the game’s first major expansion includes details on a brand-new location, new weapons, and added abilities to try out.

The post starts off by detailing the plot of the expansion, which revolves on the titular Ghosts: A group of ruthless, vicious, tactical, and cruel raiders. Following the Authority Wars, the Ghosts disappeared. Many people assumed that they had simply been wiped out. While they began fading as myths or wasteland legends to many, the truth is that they found a higher calling; the Ghosts fled with a strange woman named Iris to the Overgrown City, where for years they underwent intensive brainwashing and were subjected to experiments that left them with powerful and mysterious nanotrite abilities.

After an unspecified amount of time, the Ghosts are now ready to reclaim their rightful place in the wasteland. Under the watchful eyes of the mysterious Iris, the Ghosts present a mighty challenge for our protagonist Ranger Walker. Players need to navigate a huge new region called the Overgrown City and prevent the Ghosts’ planned uprising before they get their foot in the door and gain control over the wasteland. Walker will not be left empty handed in facing this new challenge though, as the new Void ability and the Feltrite Laser Launcher add to Walker's already fearsome and impressive collection of weapons. A new vehicle, the Ghost motorcycle, will also be introduced in Rise of the Ghosts, which players will be available to find in the Overgrown City and bring back to their garage.

The expansion is available through the in-game store and can be purchased using either in-game currency (1500 RAGE Coins) or $15. A Deluxe Digital upgrade for 2000 RAGE Coins ($20) is also available for purchase. Listed below are the comparisons for both packages:

Standard Rise of the Ghosts Expansion

  • New story
  • New enemy faction – Ghosts
  • New region to explore – Overgrown City
  • New weapon – Feltrite Laser Launcher
  • New Ability – Void
  • New Vehicle – Ghost Motorcycle

Digital Deluxe Upgrade

  • Rise of the Ghosts
  • BFG
  • Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes
  • Battle Standard
  • Progress Booster

Rise of the Ghosts for Rage 2 will launch on September 26.

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