Raft Hotfix 1.05: Crash Fixes for Memory Issues

Raft Hotfix 1.05 Fixes Crashes Related To Memory Issues and Bug Fixes
Raft Hotfix 1.05 Fixes Crashes Related To Memory Issues and Bug Fixes Steam

Raft recently received a hotfix that resolved critical memory crashes. Apart from that, the developers made several small changes, including one for the Creative Mode. This mode should no longer load all the islands, which should decrease the loading times and improve performance.

Memory and Crashes

The developers received reports of the game crashing when loading save files or creating a new world. While the developers aren’t yet sure what the reason is, they suspect it could be because of high RAM usage. So, they reduced the amount of memory required by a huge margin to cut the odds of memory-related crashes.

Bug Fixes

Multiple bugs were resolved by this update. One of them was game-breaking, where some players experienced random building blocks disappearing while playing. The issue remains a mystery since the developers couldn't replicate it. Unable to do that prevents them from discovering the real culprit behind the disappearing blocks. So, if you still experience this issue, please report it to the dev team. As of now, the team believes they fixed the problem.

Raft Hotfix 1.05

  • Added titanium loot in temperance tunnels
  • Rebalanced most cooking pot and juicer recipes
  • Bug where snowmobiles were falling from the sky
  • Bug where some sounds stopped playing
  • Metal fishing rod had wrong loot pool
  • Holding X while holding advanced biofuel refiner duplicated the item
  • Bug where stacking in full storage did not behave correctly
  • Picking up a fridge did not return the items in the fridge
  • Bug where treasure dirt piles were visible before excavating them
  • Issue where players could see into Selene through the wall
  • Issue where players fell through the ground outside temperance tunnels
  • Bug where there were no butler bots on Tangaroa
  • Machines could be placed on solid wood fences
  • Hunger and thirst depleted in creative mode when sleeping
  • Canteen could not be used to fill water tank
  • Solid wood foundations and all triangle foundations did not count towards Builder achievements
  • Issue where Varuna boss shark would go to the wrong floor at the wrong time.

You can read more about the update here.

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