PUBG Wants To See How Good You Are With Hardcore BR

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Ready to be hardcore?
Ready to be hardcore? PUBG

If you think you have what it takes to be a hardcore player, then think again. PUBG is currently testing what it calls Hardcore BR. What’s going to happen is that most of the UI that players rely on is removed. Note that this game mode is a part of PUBG Labs, the experimental arm of PUBG.

If you’re interested to try it out, you had better hurry, as the Hardcore BR mode comes to an end tomorrow. The test is available for both PC and consoles.

What happens is that you and your squad are going to be dropped onto the frozen fields of Vikendi. However, some UI elements are going to be disabled, with some also remaining. The PUBG development team hopes that this should provide for an experience that is not only challenging, but also fun.

In a post, the team said that they are “excited to see how you all adapt to this challenging way to play and look forward to hearing your feedback.”

If you’re interested to try this one, here are the details you need to keep in mind:

  • Hardcore BR Settings
    • Hardcore BR takes place in Vikendi.
    • TPP and FPP, Squad only.
    • Note that Hardcore BR is going to have one man squads disabled.
    • Matchmaking automatically teams you up with other players.
    • Maximum number of players: 100
    • If a session lacks players, the remaining slots are going to be filled with bots.
  • Hardcore BR Rules
    • Hardcore BR has these UI elements disabled:
      • Crosshair
      • Mini map
      • Health bar
      • Boost gauges
      • Weapon/equipment UI
      • Vehicle UI
      • Bluezone related system message
      • Bearing, frequently known as compass, at the top of the screen is disabled.
    • These UI elements remain visible when required during the game.
      • Parachute related UI
      • Remaining players UI
      • DBNO/Kill feeds
      • Team UI

It’s also worth mentioning that playing in Labs does not provide BP or XP for gameplay rewards. The gameplay also won’t be listed in match history and won’t count for Survivor Pass missions.

PUBG Labs was launched late last year as a way for players to test new modes, new rules sets, and new features. However, it wasn’t meant to replace the Test Server, which continues to be the way PUBG tests normal content updates. The first variation to be tested in Labs was Skill Based Ratings. After that, PUBG tested the Motor Glider and even the Ranked Ruleset.

The question now is what’s going to be the next big idea to be tested?

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