PUBG: Update 21.2 Brings Multidrops to Vikendi and More

Update 21.2
Update 21.2 PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation has recently revealed the things that players can expect in PUBG Update 21.2, which will arrive early next week on PC.

More changes are coming to Vikendi in Update 21.2. One of the most notable is the Blizzard Zone. At some point during the match, Vikendi will be enveloped in a severe snowstorm. When the Blizzard Zone commences, players will move slowly and get consistent damage per second. As if those conditions are not troublesome enough, players will also have their sight and hearing hindered, which makes them easy targets for more experienced foes. The best thing to do in this situation is to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

Aside from the Blizzard Zone, Vikendi will have Multi Care Packages dropped around the map as well. These contain high-tier weapons, armor, and consumables that players can pick up to keep them going. These care packages are going to fall from the skies of Vikendi at random intervals, so players must keep an eye out for them.



  • Vikendi-exclusive road signs that can navigate you through the snow have been added throughout the map.

  • The unused Cable Car station has been removed from the northeast part of Coal Mine.

  • Item types have been updated and spawn spots have been increased in buildings with garages (that can only be opened using Crowbars).

  • A few vehicles have been found to spawn overlapping with foliage or fences, so we have slightly moved their spawn spots to a more open area.

  • Secret Room

    • Scour deeply into the snow and perhaps you’ll stumble upon a SECRET ROOM full of high-tier items.

    • Secret Rooms holding valuable items are scattered throughout the map.

    • Obtain the world spawn item SECURITY KEY to open a Secret Room.



    • Repairs a helmet to full health.


    • Repairs armor to full health.


    • Repairs 500 health for vehicles.

    • Can not repair vehicle tires.

    • Can repair every type of vehicle.

    • However, fully-drowned vehicles can not be repaired.

    • Can only be used while inside the vehicle.

    • Can not be used while driving.

    • Can not be used when holding your breath.

    • More than one player can simultaneously repair a single vehicle.

    • However, repairs will be instantly canceled once the vehicle is fully repaired.

  • Repair Kits can not be used on destroyed helmets/armor/vehicles.

  • Repair kits are consumable items.

  • Repair kits will spawn with a relatively low spawn rate.

  • Available in Normal Matches and Custom Matches.

    • Available in Vikendi only.

    • Repair Kits have been added to Custom Match – Sandbox mode.

PUBG Update 21.2 is expected to launch on January 18 on PC and January 26 on consoles.

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