PUBG: Update 14.1 Now Allows Players to Carry a Downed Survivor, Adds New Changes to Taego

PUBG Update 14.1
PUBG Update 14.1 PUBG Corporation

PUBG has received a huge patch that brought improvements to Taego, Erangel, and so much more. It also introduced a new feature that allows you to carry a downed survivor, unlocking new perks and challenges when you do.

Taego Improvements

There is no doubt that Taego is one of the most popular maps in the game, and the developers felt the need to add more improvements in certain locations.

For instance, cliff topography has been improved in the north of the Buk San Sa, where the devs corrected the height of the cliffside terrain. This change was made because they’ve found that many use this to gain a huge advantage over others.

The developers also introduced new areas called the “Error Space.” They are exclusive to Taego and are found in random locations on the minimap. Here, you can get weapons and supplies featured in other Battlegrounds.

In addition, breakable pots have been placed all over the map. They contain various items that will help you win. Be warned that breaking these pots will create noise that may expose your location, so be on the lookout for possible threats shortly after.

Erangel Updates

Pochinki PUBG Corporation

Pochinki is a popular drop point on Erangel, so the folks at PUBG have updated certain things. The church has increased in size and a secret room was added in the basement where you can find items ripe for the taking. The developers have added a waterway, some cover, fences, and they’ve fixed the terrain height as well.

Carrying a Downed Survivor

New Feature: Carry
New Feature: Carry PUBG Corporation

Another major addition in Update 14.1 is the ability to carry a downed player. This can be done either on a friend or a foe and certain pros and cons are unlocked if you do so.

When you are carrying someone, you cannot use melee weapons, select explosives like the Panzerfaust, and throwable items. Also, you can only fire at the enemy from the hip and you cannot initiate emergency pickups and parachutes. Furthermore, you and the carried survivor will take damage separately and even though your movement speed is the same, you cannot perform a crouch, sprint, and jump.

The carried player, on the other hand, will have a limited field of view. They can be a lookout for the carrier, provided that they are willing. Plus, the bleed-out time when in a carried state is lowered considerably.

Halloween Festivities

When you play on the Erangel map, you will find that the School, Hospital, and the Starting Island have been decorated to suit a Halloween theme. To add to the excitement, Halloween-themed weather and fog have been implemented as well.

If you want to learn more about what PUBG Update 14.1 has to offer, you can read the full patch notes here.

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