It’s All Systems Go for PUBG Global Championships 2021

The biggest event is almost here.
The biggest event is almost here. PUBG

We finally have more details about the PUBG Global Championships 2021. For starters, it’s going to be from November 19 to December 19. A total of 32 of the world’s best teams will fight for a large piece of the $2 million prize pool. In addition, the format is a LAN/Online hybrid tournament to be held in Incheon, Korea.

Since the PUBG Continental Series 5 is still ongoing, we won’t know the participating teams. The final list will be based on the PGC Qualification Points. However, we do know that these are the regions and the number of teams expected to join:

  • Asia: 12 teams
  • Europe: 8 team
  • APAC: 6 teams
  • Americas: 6 teams

The PGC 2021 is a five-week-long tournament that is composed of one week of Rank Decision, three weeks of Weekly League, and the Grand Final on the last week. Here are the details:

  • Rank Decision
    • Preliminary Rank Decision matches take place during the very first week to decide which 16 teams start in the first Weekly Survival.
  • ​Weekly Survival
    • 16 Weekly Survival matches are played over three days during the week.
    • Teams must win a Chicken Dinner to advance to the Weekly Finals.
    • The remaining 15 teams from each lobby are joined by the next team in line from the Bottom 16 waiting list.
  • ​Weekly Final
    • A total of 10 matches are played over two days.
    • The best team automatically earns a spot in the Grand Final.
    • ​The winning team from each Weekly Final (3 teams total) earns a spot in the Grand Final.
    • The top 9 teams with the highest points accumulated across all 3 weeks of Weekly Finals also advance to the Grand Final.
    • The remaining teams that did not advance to the Grand Final participate in the Grand Survival.
    • Teams who win a Chicken Dinner in each of the 4 matches in the Grand Survival fill the remaining Grand Final spots.
  • Grand Final
    • The 16 qualified teams compete in a 15-match tournament over three days.
    • The Grand Final standings based on SUPER Point Rule determine the Grand Champion of PGC 2021.

By the way, like in the previous years, 30% of the profit from the sales of PGC items goes to the prize pool.

PUBG is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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