PUBG Season 4 Now on Xbox One And PS4 With Patch 4.2

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Season 4 is here.
Season 4 is here. PUBG

PUBG revealed that Season 4 is now available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Headlining the season is the Erangel Visual Update which provides a new look to the game's first and iconic map.

Like the PC version, the update for the console adds "overcast" weather to Erangel at the start of every match. After that, the weather changes over the course of the match between light rain, heavy rain, fog, hail, overcast, and even windy.

Another change is that destructible pylons and barricades have been added to the map. Players can use vehicles, weapons, and explosions to destroy them. Before being destroyed, these same objects give a limited amount of cover.

It's not all about aesthetic changes as Season 4 adds the Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH to consoles. The Survivor Pass offers players unique missions while giving them the chance to unlock more than 100 rewards. New to AFTERMATH is the cooperative mission system where players can work together to complete mission goals and earn rewards.

Survivor Pass 4 is here.
Survivor Pass 4 is here. PUBG

PUBG also announced that in order to lower the update gap between the PC and console, the pass duration has been shortened to eight weeks rather than 12 weeks. To compensate for the reduced pass time, the amount of XP gained from gameplay and missions have been increased by 50%. Meanwhile, PUBG also enhanced the mission change system where players can now use BP to swap out more missions than before.

The Survivor Pass period started August 27 and lasts for eight weeks until October 22. Both the Survivor Pass and Level-up Items are available for purchase until October 21. Players can purchase Level-up items in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts and are available through the in-game store.

For the improved Mission Change System, details include:

  • Players can swap out up to three daily missions per day for free. BP can be used to swap out additional daily, or even weekly missions.
  • Players who complete all three daily missions can use 1,500 BP to get a new set of daily missions to complete.
  • When unlocking new rewards, a prompt now allows players to go directly to the appearance tab by clicking the button in the popup.

In addition to the new season, changes and fixes have been implemented with Patch 4.2. You can read the details here.

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