PUBG Bringing Back Sanhok with Upcoming Update

Look what's making a return.
Look what's making a return. Krafton

A new update is coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds, which will bring back Sanhok. It's not the old one that many are familiar with, but a better version with changes to offer balanced gameplay. Patch 17.1 is coming out on April 20.

Here are some of the changes made to Sanhok’s various landmarks:

  • Bootcamp
    • This is one of Sanhok’s popular hot drops. This abandoned training facility makes its return with the representative lobster-shaped building.
  • Ruins
    • Drop back onto the roof of the daring chambers.
  • Docks (Previously Getaway)
    • Time to say goodbye to the touristy resort town and welcome the cargo-rich docks.
  • Quarry
    • The reworks have also been undone to the flooded limestone quarry.
  • Bhan
    • The nameless set of houses has redeemed its original identity.

There are also these:

  • Features to be removed from the original Sanhok:
    • Jammer Pack
    • Decoy Grenade
    • Loot Truck
  • Items that remain in the original Sanhok:
    • Weapons
      • M79
      • 40mm Smoke Grenade
      • Mk12
      • Panzerfaust
      • C4
    • Tactical Gear
      • Drone
      • EMT Gear
      • Spotter Scope
      • Tactical Pack
    • Other
      • Mountain Bike

New Weapon

In the game, the 7.62-mm Assault Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons. The problem is that many players continue to struggle to master recoil control. To lower the stress, a simple 7.62-mm AR is to be introduced that has high stability. It’s none other than the ACE 32.

Details of this new weapon include:

  • The ACE32 spawns on every map.
  • Weapon slot: Primary weapon.
  • Available modes:
    • Normal Matches, Ranked Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC), Training Mode.
    • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.

Season 16 Rewards

Season 17 will start once the new update goes live. That means it’s time to prepare for the Season 16 rewards. These include:

  • Bronze: PUBG ID Emblem
  • Silver: Silver PUBG ID Emblem
  • Gold: Gold PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
  • Platinum: Animated Platinum PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin
  • Diamond: Animated Diamond PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Skin

Learn more about the upcoming update here.

What are your first impressions of the game? Excited about the return of Sanhok?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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