PUBG: See What's Being Planned for 2022

A lot of things happening this year.
A lot of things happening this year. Krafton

Yesterday marked the fifth year since PUBG: Battlegrounds was first launched to early access. Since then, many things have happened for the game and the battle royale genre. For PUBG, one highlight was the game going free-to-play. After that, tons of changes and additions were made to the game.

This year is no different. With three months already done, we finally know what the development team is planning for this year. The 2022 Roadmap has a lot of exciting things planned and one of these is the new Kiki Map.

New Map

The new map Kiki features not just crowded cities full of near-future buildings, but also vast grasslands, dense swamps, and more. It looks to be the city with the most verticality ever made. There are some interesting sniper-nest style points of interest along with rooftops loaded with emergency parachutes. This new map, once it goes live, brings this exclusive content:

  • Airboat
    • A vehicle that specializes in land and sea travel.
    • Its amazing utility is balanced out by less than an ideal cover for passengers.
  • Ascenders
    • While at special areas on the map, players can use the Ascender to quickly ascend or descend great distances.
  • Additional Features
    • Even after Kiki is released, players can continue to look forward to content exclusive to the map like new weapons and vehicles.

New Weapon

Assault Rifles typically use either the 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm. However, there’s a smaller pool of 7.62 mm ARs that can use the full-auto firing mode. Thus, for this year one of the things being worked on is an additional 7.62 mm AR to the mix. This weapon type has high DPS but is more difficult to control. It's coming out sometime in the second quarter of 2022.

Training Mode Improvement

It’s not just new content being planned for 2022. There are also changes that should make players happy. One of these is the Training Mode. With PUBG free-to-play, there is the expectation that many new players would want to try it out. Some of the things to be changed include:

  • With Free-to-Play, more practical training programs are required.
  • Players can practice PvP combat there.
  • Adding Aim/Sound Training Room in the last update was part of the effort.
  • 1v1 training ground is set to be added where players can fight one-on-one.

Check what’s being planned for 2022 here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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