PUBG is Bringing a Monster Chicken to the Battle Courtesy of Labs

Winner Winner Chicken... Monster?
Winner Winner Chicken... Monster? Krafton

In PUBG: Battlegrounds, teams do what they can to get a Chicken Dinner. What happens if it’s the reverse? What if the chicken is the one that wants you for dinner? The Labs is bringing in a Monster Chicken to the fight. Indeed, it’s a deed most “fowl.”

You’re probably thinking that this is an April Fool’s joke. It’s an event to celebrate April Fool’s Day, which means it won’t be staying long in the game. For those who can remember, last year the development team at PUBG introduced the 2D pixel shooter known as POBG for a limited period.

Dubbed the Monster Chicken Royale, it has the same rules as the standard battle royale except there’s a Monster Chicken. Details include:

  • Once a match starts, the Monster Chicken (50 meters tall) spawns and starts roaming on the map.
  • The Monster Chicken can attack as well, and with each phase, its attack patterns vary.
  • Players can observe the Monster Chicken's location at any time through the chicken-shaped icon on the World Map.
  • Every player has the HP bar of the Monster Chicken displayed on their screen.
  • HP bar depletes when Monster Chicken receives damage.
  • Earn that Winner Winner Monster Chicken Dinner through either of these:
    • Make the Monster Chicken's HP hit 0
    • Be the last one standing by eliminating every foe player on the Battlegrounds.

If you think that having a Monster Chicken roam around the battlefield is already difficult, then prepare to be challenged even further. For example, only these items world spawn in this mode:

  • Weapon
    • LMG (and ammo)
    • M79
  • Weapon attachments
    • 2x Scope
    • Canted Sight
  • Equipment
    • Helmet (Lv.2)
    • Backpack (Lv.2)
    • Vest (Lv.2)
  • Items
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Heal items
    • Boost items
  • Vehicle
    • UAZ

Other details of this mode include:

  • Blue Zone
    • The Blue Zone is faster and stronger in this mode.
    • The Safe Zone for each phase is based on Monster Chicken's current location.
    • The Safe Zone simultaneously follows the Monster Chicken's movements.
  • Black Zone
    • The hazardous Black Zone exclusive to Karakin is activated.
    • The Monster Chicken does not receive damage from the Black Zone.

Learn more about this limited-time fun mode here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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