PUBG: New State Update 0.9.23 Features BR Extreme Mode Plus New Content

PUBG New State update 0.9.23
PUBG New State update 0.9.23 PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation is kicking off the new year with a bang by launching a pretty extensive content update for PUBG: New State. Update 0.9.23 features a new Battle Royale (BR) mode and tons of new content. Let’s dive right in!

New BR Mode

BR: Extreme is a fast-paced, 20-minute round of battle royale set in Troi where you are pitted against 63 other people. Unlike the original, the Playzone is restricted right from the get-go, which means that there is only a limited amount of space to work with. This zone is randomized every match.

Anyway, you will be armed with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, fully-charged boosters, and 300 Drone Credits to start with. Furthermore, two Care Packages will be dropped at random locations across the map.

This game mode is meant to be much faster than the original, so you can expect a lot of changes in addition to a smaller Playzone. For instance, you can find more items and vehicles throughout the map, so you can quickly get the weapons you need.

Moreover, Delivery Drones now arrive faster, meaning that the items that you’ve purchased from the Drone Store will be in your hands at the soonest possible time.

Do keep in mind that a 30-second countdown will begin once you go outside of the Playzone. Failure to get back in at the allotted time will get you eliminated from the match.

Update Highlights

P90 Submachine Gun
  • Ammo: 5.7mm
  • Comes with a standard 2-tier transformative scope, a laser sight, and a suppressor
  • Cannot be modified with other attachments
  • Ammo can only be obtained through the Drone Store
Gun Customizations
  • DP-28 [C2] Muzzle Slot Access
    • Allows a Flash Hider (AR/DMR) or a Compensator (AR/DMR) to be attached to the DP-28
    • Slightly reduces gun damage
  • Beryl M762 [C2] Lightweight Stock
    • Reduces bullet spread when firing from the hip or shoulder
    • Increasing ADS speed
    • Reduces weapon stability when used
Actions and Animation Updates
  • Parkour Roll
    • Perform a roll to break your fall by tapping the Roll button right before you hit the ground
    • Performing a parkour roll when falling will minimize the fall damage you sustain
    • Parkour rolls can also be executed to exit moving vehicles, so use them to get out of a tight spot
  • Sudden Dash
    • When you are prone and you get up to sprint forward, you will now break into a sprint while getting up for a smoother and faster movement transition
  • Character Animation Improvements
    • The movement delay time that occurred when alternating repeatedly between sitting and standing has been shortened

This update brings balancing changes and quality-of-life improvements as well. You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official website.

PUBG: New State Update 0.9.23 is now available on Android and iOS.

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