Enjoy a New Battle Royale Experience with PUBG: New State

Time for a new experience.
Time for a new experience. Krafton

The time has come to enjoy the next-gen battle royale experience in PUBG: New State. It’s available on Android and iOS in at least 200 countries. This release follows the final Technical Test which happened back in late October.

The game was developed by PUBG Studios, the same company that made PUBG: Battlegrounds. Set in the year 2051, it offers what could be the most technologically advanced and realistic mobile game to date.

PUBG: New State hopes to push the genre forward with original gameplay that includes weapon customization, drone store, and a unique player recruitment system. Right now, three gameplay modes are available with the first one being Battle Royale, which has maps like Erangel and Troi set in the future. There’s also the 4v4 Deathmatch. The third mode is Training Ground where players can practice before joining a live match.

Players can also look forward to the monthly Survivor Passes where they get to unlock various in-game rewards as they play the game. There's also the Ranked Seasons where players can compete against other Survivors, increase their “tier,” and earn high-end in-game rewards. Ranked Seasons are going to run for two months at a time.

In a post, PUBG: New State Executive Producer Minkyu Park shared that the game is always going to be a labor of love for the studio and they are truly happy that fans have shown support since it was first announced. The game can deliver the next-gen experience to the mobile platform that was only available on PC and consoles. Park went on to say that they are committed to making sure that it’s going to be the premier mobile gaming experience even for years to come.

As part of the game’s official launch, there will be a global campaign dubbed “Play With Friends.” Players who log into the game from November 15 to November 21 and take part in the event have the chance to win the #NewStateStyle in-game emote and a Chicken Medal. The latter can be exchanged for items from the in-game store.

So have you tried the game yet?

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