PUBG: New State Reveals More About the Lore in Latest Cinematic Video

Dive deep into the story.
Dive deep into the story. Krafton

A new cinematic video has been released for PUBG: New State, which gives everyone a deeper look into the game lore. In addition to offering new narrative-driven content, it features music made possible through a collaboration with Ice Nine Kills.

The story is set 30 years in the future and around six hours before Troi collapsed. This is a fictional city in the PUBG universe. The “Fall of Troi” looks into the various factions scattered across the city and goes deeper into the Golden Mask. It also reveals what really happened to turn this city into a battleground.

You can watch the new video below:

Ground Zero

“Fall of Troi” joins two other videos that talk more about the PUBG universe. There was “Ground Zero” set during the 1980s in South Korea. It was focused on an infamous prisoner who's trying to escape a hostile prison. It starred Don Lee of Train to Busan and Eternals. It was released in late June and served as a tie-in to the new Taego map. You can view it here.

Mysteries Unknown

PUBG also had “Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds,” which was released a week before “Ground Zero.” The video was presented like a docu-series and hosted by Jonathan Frakes. As the title implies, it talked about the history of the battle royale tournament. Read more about it here.

This was not the first time PUBG made releases of such videos. Two episodes were released in 2020: “Mysteries Unknown: Tragedy at Dinoland” and “Mysteries Unknown: Paramo.” You can watch the Dinoland episode here and the Paramo episode here.

Good News India!

It looks like the game has no issues with India since it’s scheduled to be released soon. Hopefully what happened to PUBG Mobile won’t happen to PUBG: New State. Learn more about it here.

Pre-registration for the game started in February of this year. By April, it was reported that pre-registrations on Google Play had reached 10 million. Right now, that number stands at 32 million. While pre-registrations are now also available on iOS, no figures have been revealed so far.

PUBG: New State is launching later this year on Android and iOS.

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