PUBG: NEW STATE Gets More than 10 Million Pre-Registrations on Google Play

A new battle royale game.
A new battle royale game. KRAFTON

PUBG: NEW STATE announced that pre-registrations on Google Play Store have breached the 10 million mark. This new milestone is within 43 days since the pre-registration went live. The total pre-registrations include players from several regions, such as the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East.

Other milestones include reaching 2 million pre-registrations within two days of going live and then 5 million within a week.

If you haven’t pre-registered, now’s a good time. That's because those who do get an exclusive vehicle skin along with the latest information about the game. If you’re using an iPhone, you need to wait a little longer since preorders on the App Store will happen at a later date. Both PUBG Studio and KRAFTON announced that alpha tests are set to be conducted in selected countries for the second quarter of this year.

PUBG: NEW STATE is being released by the same studio that developed PUBG. It offers the ultimate PUBG experience for the mobile platform. Like the PC version, the mobile game also has 100 players fight using different weapons and come up with a strategy to be the only party left standing.

Some features of the game include:

  • Ultra-realistic graphics that exceed the limits of mobile gaming.
    • Through the use of “global illumination” technology, the game hopes to exceed what was previously possible when it comes to graphics in mobile games.
    • Get to experience a massive open world with a high level of realism.
  • More realistic and dynamic gunplay.
    • The signature PUBG gunplay is still there but fully optimized for the mobile platform.
    • Be able to customize weapons through the new weapon attachment system.
  • Next-generation action-based interactive gameplay.
    • The game is set to introduce unique mechanics like dodging, support request, and even drone calls.
    • Try out new vehicles that can move through the 8x8 open world.
    • Complete different objectives in-game to get the advantage.
  • An expansion of the original PUBG universe.
    • The game is set in 2051, decades after the original PUBG, with new factions emerging.
  • The true start for PUBG on a mobile device.
    • Considered as the official mobile successor to the original PC version of PUBG.

You’re probably wondering what about PUBG Mobile? It’s pretty much a license of the original game because unlike PUBG: NEW STATE, PUBG Mobile is managed by Tencent Games.

So what are your thoughts on this? Willing to give this one a try?

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