PUBG Expands Universe Lore with Mysteries Unknown

Dive into the backstory.
Dive into the backstory. PUBG

One of the features that ensure players stay in a game is the lore. That’s because it puts players deeper into the game. The universe of PUBG just got bigger with the release of an investigative “docu-series” titled Mysteries Unknown and it stars Jonathan Frakes, the actor who played Commander William Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some of you would probably know him as the host of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

The first episode of this series is Birth of the Battlegrounds, which you can watch below:

As you can guess from the title, it focuses on the backstory of Battlegrounds. In the episode, Frakes goes into conversations with different experts and insiders to learn more about it, from the initial conception and all the way to its deadly evolution.

This latest addition to the lore follows two other entries which also looked into the other secrets of Battlegrounds. The first was Mysteries Unknown: Tragedy at Dinoland that looked into the truth behind Dinoland. The second was Mysteries Unknown: Paramo and told the dark history of a plateau located in Peru.

The docu-series is being made and launched by KRAFTON. In addition to Birth of the Battlegrounds, players and fans can also look forward to Ground Zero. This live-action short film is set to be released this Saturday, June 26, and stars Don Lee (Train to Busan, Marvel Studios’ Eternals). Set in the PUBG universe, Lee takes on the role of an infamous prisoner who's attempting to escape Hosan Prison in Taego. Taego is a new South Korean-based map arriving in the game on July 7 on PC and July 15 on consoles.

2021 Dev Plan

The new Taego map was first revealed as part of the PUBG 2021 Dev Plan. Of course, back then it wasn’t known as Taego. Anyway, this is the first 8x8 battleground since 2018 and it introduces a new gameplay mechanic where players return to the field after an initial defeat.

Taego is one of two new 8x8 maps arriving in the game. More details about Taego are set to be revealed later this month.

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