PUBG Mobile Welcomes A New Era With The Launch Of Version 1.0 On September 8

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Time to welcome a new era.
Time to welcome a new era. Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile announced that version 1.0 is set to be launched this September 8. The launch is not only going to offer new gameplay features, but also new tech and even a new user experience. This should indeed be good news to all players.

PUBG Mobile was launched back in 2018 and since then has had more than 600 million downloads and 50 million daily active players. So what can players expect with Version 1.0?

For starters, improvements have been made to the players’ characters, including physically-based rendering and image-based lighting. This should give everyone a battle royale atmosphere that is more realistic. Major elements that players see while in battle have been improved as well. Examples of this include changes to the particles, smoke, air blasts, and muzzle flashes. A scope interaction has been added as well, which makes each shot that much more realistic.

A lot of actions, like parachuting for example, have also been polished in order to offer a more realistic experience. This upcoming update is also putting in improvements to texture quality and lighting systems to make sure that the mobile experience is truly top notch. With these changes, players can now see their reflections in the water, among other technical improvements.

PUBG Mobile also revealed that the user interface and the interactive experience have been totally overhauled. Players are sure to feel the improvement when it comes to the sound effects, motions, and even visuals. That’s not all, as the interface has been refined as well to make everything easy to understand and appealing to the eyes.

For the controls, these have also been upgraded and refined. There's going to be a multi-screen switching mode, which is exclusive to PUBG Mobile. There are also a lot of existing functions that have been have been improved. The games, community, and purchases selections, for instance, have all been separated to three different pages. This should give players quick and easy access to the features while offering a simple and clean interface.

In a press statement, a spokesperson for PUBG Mobile shared that they thank everyone for joining them on this journey towards the version 1.0 launch and that all throughout the design and development process they made sure to keep the iconic PUBG style. The spokesperson went on to say that the launching of version 1.0 doesn’t “mean the end of development” but rather a “new era of PUBG Mobile” and that there are going to be “so many more exciting updates for fans which we will share soon.”

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