PUBG Mobile Launches Royale Pass Season 13

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Prepare to play.
Prepare to play. Tencent

PUBG Mobile announced that the Royale Pass Season 13 is now here. This pass season features a Toy Playground theme, which is sure to bring out that nostalgia in players everywhere. With this new season, that means players have the chance to collect new rewards that include outfits, gear skins, and more.

So what can players expect with this new season? The Carton Rangers gives players the chance to be part of the toy squad. Those who pick up the Royale Pass Season 13 can choose to have the Fire Ranger or Ice Ranger once they reach Level 50. Reaching Rank 100 lets players unlock the Ultra Defender Set. Similar to the previous passes, there are also going to be in-game challenges which, when completed, rewards special and rare items.

There are also new features that have arrived with the Royale Pass Season 13. One of these is the Puppet Agent, an outfit which has three separate forms. The good news is that despite being separate forms, they can be mixed and matched to allow for excellent customization. Players that manage to reach the highest rank also have the chance to upgrade this outfit to Mythic rarity.

There’s also a New Challenge Series which lets players unlock upgrades to the outfits they already have. They can do this by finishing Puppet Agent and Toy Mastery series special missions.

Players should also be happy with the Notification Upgrades. That’s right. All of the RP mission reminders have been improved. This means players should be able to see the progress of their missions a lot easier. There’s also going to be reminders that are added not only at the start of the season, but also at the end.

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