24 Teams Locked And Loaded For FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic

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FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic
FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic FACEIT

The stage is set and 24 teams are ready to fight it out for the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic. Ready to begin Tuesday, the tournament offers a $400,000 prize pool with the champion taking home $150,000.

The tournament begins with the 24 teams being divided to three groups. Each group plays against the other groups under a round robin format. A total of six matched per Group match-up will occur, meaning all teams get to play at least 12 matches each. The seeding is then based on the performance of the 12 matches. The top eight teams move to the Grand Finals with the bottom 16 teams proceeding to the Elimination Stage.

The second day is for the Elimination Stage, with the teams playing a total of six matches. This time, placement is based on both the Group Stage and the Elimination Stage. The top eight move to the Grand Finals. The Elimination is played in front of a live audience.

The Grand Finals feature the final 16 teams playing six matches in one day, with the champion declared at the end of the fourth day of the tournament. Similar to the Elimination Stage, the Grand Finals are played to a live audience.

In terms of team distribution, four slots were given to North America, Europe, China, and Korea. Three slots were assigned to Southeast Asia with two allotted for the Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Macau region. Rounding it up are one team each from Latin America, Japan, and Oceania.

For the participating teams, North America is represented by Tempo Storm, Cloud9, Team Envyus and Shoot to Kill. Europe meanwhile has ENCE, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Winstrike Team. China's teams include Oh My God, 17 Gaming, Crystel Luster and Four Angry Mean, while Korea showcases the talents of OP Gaming Rangers, Afreeca Freecs Fatal, Team VSG and OGN Force.

From Southeast Asia, the three qualifying teams are Divine Esports, Armory Gaming, and Gamehome Esports. For the Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Macau region, the qualifiers are AHQ E-Sports Club and MP5. The final teams are Brazilian Crusaders for Latin America, Blue Bees for Japan, and Incognito for Oceania.

Group Stage
Group Stage FACEIT

The teams to watch in this tournament are the top teams of each region, particularly North America's Tempo Storm, Europe's ENCE, and Korea's OP Gaming. Tempo Storm, for instance, managed to get the top spot in three of the five weeks of the qualifiers. ENCE had the same story, getting the top spot for all three rounds of the Europe Qualifiers. Despite a second seeding in the region, Team Liquid remains a team to look for as well.

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