PUBG: Battlegrounds Releasing New Map on July 13

A new battleground!
A new battleground! Krafton

A new map is set to arrive on July 13 in PUBG: Battlegrounds. It’s not really a surprise to players considering that they’ve probably seen some of the sneak peeks. The good news is we now have more information about the map and today, we’ll dig deeper into that.

Let’s start with how this 8x8 map was designed. It seems that some elements and feedback from Haven were taken into account. Dubbed Deston, it’s by far the largest, densest, and tallest map there is. Players get to experience a dense urban setting with the tall vertical buildings and the rolling hills, plains, and swamps. The map appears to offer players a sweet spot between realistic battlegrounds and fun gameplay.

Map Features

Here are some of the features of Deston:

  • The Swampland
    • Located in the northern part of the map, this unique environment offers new experiences for players.
    • The dense and lush mangrove forest allows for a lot of engagements to occur in close quarters.
  • Central Plains
    • Provides the traditional experience that players have come to know and love.
    • It offers a balance between cover, scenery, and points of interest (POI) for players to explore.
    • One POI is the Lodge, which is the biggest building ever made in the game.
  • Concert District
    • There’s a Paintball Arena that provides opportunities for short, medium, and long-distance engagements.
  • ​Western Highlands
    • A likely favorite for marksmen, especially with the minimal plants and broad level of visibility.
    • There are also winding hills that allow for more cover and hide-and-seek encounters.

New Mechanics

With a new map, players can also expect new mechanics and features. These include:

  • Ascender
    • This is a motorized pulley and players can expect to find them attached to the wall of certain buildings, including special Cell Towers.
    • This new mechanic allows players to traverse from the ground to the top of a building and back down.
    • Players won’t need to carry any special items to use the Ascenders and its speed can be adjusted by the sprint key.
  • Emergency Parachute
    • This is a default item in players’ inventories and remains always-on.
    • The emergency parachute redeploys when players snag their parachutes while dropping into the map.
    • This should save them from ending the match prematurely.
    • The special Cell Towers that have Ascenders on them allow players to combine the Ascender with the Emergency Parachute and create a slingshot-like movement to travel around the map.
  • Gas Pump Stations
    • These working gas stations let players fill up vehicles as they travel around the map.
    • Gas Pump Stations explode when shot at.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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