Propnight: Patch 2.2.1 Brings Back the Old Way of Earning Propcoins

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Patch 2.2.1 for Propnight is now available. This update brings back the old way of earning Propcoins following community feedback. It also implements balancing changes and bug fixes.

In a previous update, developers of Propnight have implemented a new feature where you can only earn Propcoins by completing challenges. This apparently was not well received, so the devs brought the old system back. But they merged the two systems into one: you can earn Propcoins again through kills and victories and when completing challenges.

Aside from that, they implemented some key changes. The Killers’ hit system has been improved, which means Killers are now better at getting to the props above or below them.

Additionally, the new prop jump system has been merged with the old one. This means that survivors who turn themselves into props can adjust their jumping force on the first jump like they used to, with the second jump having an increased jumping force.


  • Propcoins: The number of Propcoins for completing challenges is reduced to 10 and 20
  • Challenges: Removed challenges that required certain Survivors to complete. You may have these challenges when the game is updated, but they will no longer appear after being completed
  • Jun: Updated the character’s animation in the lobby (his smile should not be creepy anymore)
  • Farm, House, School, and Castle: Fixed places where props could endlessly run away from Killer
  • Survivor Items Select: Items can now be selected with both keyboard and mouse
  • Whoopee Cushion: It can now be broken by any attack that deals damage, and not just regular hits
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Banshee to accelerate using Flight
  • Fixed that Mine could unexpectedly fly at a Survivor through an entire map
  • Fixed that Teacher skin could be worn by itself even if the player did not have the skin (Promotion is over!)
  • Fixed Blade Dance not being able to damage small props
  • Fixed Shadow becoming unusable
Sheet Man
  • Fixed that when hitting a prop, Sheet-Man’s hook would fly to the place where the Survivor turned into that prop
  • Fixed that a Survivor could take damage if Sheet-Man used his gas attacks in the place where the Survivor turned into a prop
  • Fixed Gas wasting Poisoned Knife charges
  • Fixed Poop being invisible
  • Fixed Jun not having a first-person sprint animation
  • Fixed Jun automatically saying "Thank you" after being rescued from Hypnochair

You can read the full patch notes on Propnight’s official Steam page.

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