Propnight: Patch 2.1.1 New Changes to the Killer Sheet-Man and Village Map

Propnight Steam

The latest update for Propnight is here, and it implements various changes to the new content released earlier this week.

In Patch 2.1.1, you can now buy Sheet-Man for just 250 Propcoins. If you’ve already purchased the new killer, you will be refunded automatically after updating the game. If you’re unsure, you can try Sheet-Man out in a custom game to help you decide for free.

The Village map has also received some nice improvements. For instance, there’s a new Tricycle prop that you can use. The map’s lighting has been improved as well, making props appear lighter or darker depending on their surroundings.

For bug fixes, Sheet-Man no longer gets stunned when pulling a Survivor or a Prop toward him. Moreover, the chance of pulling a Survivor through closable doors using his Hook has been reduced.

Patch Notes

  • Sheet-Man: Now when throwing Hook, the initial size of its collision will be twice as small, and the collision will gradually increase to the standard size depending on the distance traveled
  • Last Survivor mode now will not activate if at least one of the Survivors escaped through Exit Doors
  • Custom Game: Character selection in custom games will not affect the automatic character selection in Quick Game
  • Chains can no longer be used on the same Survivor on a Hypnochair twice
  • Added random prop positions
  • Replaced and removed some Early Slavic symbols
  • Various fixes and improvements to collisions, textures, and optimization of the map
  • Fixed various Propcoin and MMR crediting bugs
  • Fixed that when Killer left the match survivors would get the message saying ’Trapped’ on the screen
  • Fixed a possible reason of some players seeing 4 Propmachines as repaired, while others saw 5 Propmachines repaired
  • Fixed Poop’s gas slowing down props by 50% instead of 30%
  • Fixed several Survivors being able to help a Survivor to get out of Hypnochair
  • Fixed Chains not disappearing if a Survivor escaped Hypnochair using Lockpick
  • Fixed that sometimes loading screen could show the map from the previous match
  • Fixed that if you open the list of friends and immediately press ESC, the entire UI would be blocked except for the friends' list
  • Fixed "New Killer" notification reappearing sometimes
  • Fixed that sometimes the preview texture of the new banner could be blurry
  • Fixed that after the Character’s contact with a fluid surface, they would leave wet boot footprints.

Propnight Patch 2.1.1 is available on PC.

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