Problems Pile Up For Apex Legends As New Bugs Discovered

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Apex Legends cannot get a break as new bugs have again been discovered, two in a matter of days.

The first one was detected early this week and posted on the Apex Legends subreddit by user “someuniquename.” This bug appears to allow players to jump even when in a downed state. As proof, the Reddit user shared a video of the character jumping to the back of a pickup truck even when downed. A teammate is then able to revive the character.

If this is indeed a bug, there is no question that it is a game-changing one. The main reason is that jumping allows downed players to get into a better position in order to stay alive. In addition, it's pretty simple to execute. All that needs to be done is to press the buttons for jump and sprint at the same time.

In the Reddit post, other users have said that they have been doing that action for quite some time. While some have said that it was mantling, others argued that it was not. A user by the name of Aetherimp claimed that it was a glitch since it should not be possible to jump when downed. In addition, Aetherimp said further that since the video shows the player moving faster than usual, especially while downed, it is clearly a bug.

The latest bug meanwhile was shared by user “thedarkmuse.” In the clip on Reddit, the user and his teammates are looting a supply ship when they happen upon some death boxes positioned between the main body of the ship and one of the thrusters. Making the decision to loot the box, the team jumps to the thruster but as soon as they begin to loot, the team is instantly eliminated and their death box added to the stash. This glitch has been compared to a number of insta-death bugs present in the game.

As of this writing, there has been no comment from Respawn in relation to these two bugs.

Despite a highly successful launch, player interest in Apex Legends is starting to go down as more bugs have been discovered. It was a few weeks back when a bug was discovered just as the game introduced patch 1.1.1. The patch had given Caustic and Gibraltar a buff which allowed these two Legends to get a 10% reduction on damage received. According to players who discovered this bug, the damage is not negated but goes directly to the HP rather than shield. Another bug discovered was that players claimed that Gibraltar was able to discard Arc Stars, something that should not be possible. Respawn then said it was looking into these two issues.

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