Reddit User Claims Apex Legends' Gibraltar Can Discard Arc Stars

Apex Legends: Gibraltar
Apex Legends: Gibraltar Respawn Entertainment

When patch 1.1.1. for Apex Legends went live, it gave Caustic and Gibraltar players a reason to be happy. In particular, these two Legends received a new perk known as Fortified. The perk was added as a passive, which allowed the damage received by the Legends to be reduced by 10%.

However, a Reddit user by the name of VonArne revealed in a post that Gibraltar in particular may have received another buff not listed in the patch notes. According to VonArne, it appears that Gibraltar is able to discard Arc Stars. VonArne uploaded a video showing the ability.

An Arc Star is a weapon that can be thrown by the player. It can stick to sutfaces and explode with arc energy. It cause a maximum of 70 damage while stunning opponents for 5 seconds. Stunned opponents not only move slower, but their aim sensitivity is also lowered. If the enemy has a shield and gets hit by an Arc Star, the shield is disabled immediately. The same is true even if the opponent is in the splash zone.

In the issue at hand, all that needs to be done is to put away the Gun Shield once an Arc Star has been stuck on it.

The comments on the post are varied, with some saying that the move didn't work when they tried it. Some comments are also saying that this "bug" is not new and has been present since the game was first launched.

Apex Legends Community Manager Jay 'Jayfresh' Frechette commented in the thread that they are currently looking into the matter.

Apex Legends has been considered one of the best launches in recent gaming, reaching 10 million active players three days after release. Within the first week, that number would be 25 million. While Apex Legends was not the first in its genre, it gained popularity for its accessibility features, unique gameplay, and improvements versus other similar games like PUBG and Fortnite.

The popularity of Apex Legends has started to drop, as players began encountering bugs and updates appear to introduce new ones even as they resolved current bugs. Early this month, for example, a patch resulted in the progress of many players being wiped out. While Respawn Entertainment managed to fix the problem, it still was a bad experience for the players.

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