Apex Legends Faces New Bug In Patch 1.1.1

Apex Legends: The Thicc Bois
Apex Legends: The Thicc Bois Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends cannot catch a break as another bug has been detected, this time on the heels of Patch 1.1.1.

Patch 1.1.1 dropped earlier this week with the intention of providing the game's "thicc bois" a much neeed buff. In particular, Gibraltar and Caustic received a new perk dubbed as Fortified. With Fortified, the two Legends now have a 10 percent reduction to damage received.

While Fortified sounds good, it apparently doesn't work right. The latest bug find is courtesy of reddit user Yakousou, described the bug in a post. According to Yakousou, when "you are full shield and take damage, you can see that little bits of your HP (not shield) is taken away." Yakousou adds that he had originally been a Caustic player, but stopped playing the Legend to try out other characters. However, the Fortitude buffs gave Yakousou enough excitement to try the hero again. It appears that the damage reduction is nothing but "a placebo, as it seems the 10% damage that should be negated, goes to your HP instead of your shield." What that means is ultimately there is no damage negation.

Apex Legends Community Manager Jay 'Jayfresh' Frechette has commented on the post saying that the developers at Respawn are aware of the problem and while they cannot give an ETA, the developers are "working on a fix internally that we're testing."

Additionally, a player by the name of VonArne posted on Reddit that aside from the Fortitude buff, it appears that Gibraltar may have received another passive perk that wasn't listed in the patch notes. VonArne claimed that Gibraltar was able to discard Arc Stars. Arc Stars are weapons that are thrown and stick to a target before exploding. Other people have posted that this "ability" is not new and was already in the game, even back at Apex Legends' launch. It appears that the problem could be serious enough, as Jayfresh said that Respawn was looking into this particular issue.

These bugs could be more nails in the coffin that is the popularity of Apex Legends. The game started out strong with 10 million active players worldwide within three days of launch. However, the different issues that have cropped up have caused much frustration, with Twitch viewership dropping to around 50,000 from a high of 200,000.

The issues surrounding Apex Legends appear to be too much, as even video game streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek announced that he may be quitting the game to play PUBG, another battle royale game. Shroud is currently ranked 2nd on Twitch with at least 6.1 million followers.

Aside from bugs, Apex Legends continues to face the issue of cheaters, which ruin the game for some players despite the developers putting in anti-cheat measures.

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