Prison Tycoon: Under New Management Coming Steam Early Access This Summer

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Learn more about this game. Abylight Studios

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management announced that it is coming to Steam Early Access this summer. The game offers a rather positive spin while having a cartoonish look at rehabilitating inmates. The game is being developed by Abylight Studios and published by Ziggurat Interactive.

The original Prison Tycoon game was released in 2005 and put players in charge of a prison. The goal is to ensure that the prison is running smoothly and of course, make money. The game has since had a lot of sequels with the last one being Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz in 2010.

It seems like Prison Tycoon: Under New Management is a remake of the original series. So, fans of the original have nothing to fear since this new game may likely be loyal to the classic gameplay.

In a press statement, Ziggurat Senior Vice President Michael Devine shared that when they were first planning to bring the game back, they knew that it had to have a rehabilitative experience in line with the times. Meanwhile, Abylight CEO Eva Gaspar revealed that rebooting an IP was a new experience for them. She added that the challenge wasn’t only to re-imagine the old game but also live to the expectations of fans.

Features of this upcoming game include:

  • Choosing a Prison Location
    • Players get to choose a biome for their prison that comes with distinct challenges.
    • Examples include Tropical, Taiga, Desert, and Swamp.
  • Build a Huge Prison
    • Build and furnish a huge prison.
    • Players must craft each building, room, and even pathway.
    • Don’t forget to make efficient use of water systems and power grids.
  • Hire the Best Staff
    • Get the best staff that can fill the different roles in the prison.
    • Assign them to work, promote those performing excellent work, and fire those who don’t.
  • Manage the Economy
    • Run the economy of the prison effectively.
    • Apply loans to expand facilities.
    • Maintain the penitentiary policies to save money.
    • Be sure to keep the staff, and more importantly the inmates, well supplied and happy.
  • Control the Security
    • Design and maintain the security systems of the prison.
    • Ensure that the prison is a safe place with guards, cameras, and watchtowers.
  • Take Care of Prisoners
    • Ensure that the prisoners are healthy and happy.
    • Prisoners need to have the proper nutrition and stay warm in cold weather.
  • Keep up with Installations
    • Facilities should be maintained well so that they function properly.
    • Don’t forget to repair them when needed.
    • Employees are there to make sure everything is in top condition.
  • Rehab Prisoners
    • It’s all about rehabilitation.
    • There are different ways to help prisoners like a zero-gravity room and a hologram room.

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