The Princess of Zahard Enters the Tower of God: New World with New Update

Look who's joining! Netmarble

A new update is now live in Tower of God: New World which adds a new character to the roster. SSR [Red Snake] Shilial (Green element, Mage, Anima) joins the adventure and brings with her the Black Snakefish and specializes in ACC, EVA, and AoE Attacks.

She is a Princess of Zahard and hails from the Lo Po Bia Family. She's often seen with her twin, Lilial, who's also a princess.

New Content

This latest update also introduces new content to the main story which are:

  • Act 7-2 [Eye of a Needle: The Shinsu Contest]
  • Act 7-3 [Eye of a Needle: Same Goal, Different Purpose]

A new side story titled as "A Day in the Life of a Princess" has also been made available. Here players get to take a sneak peek at Shilial's past secret with appearances from Shilial, Ren, Endorsi and Yihwa Yeon.

Limited-Time Events

Limited-time events have also been launched as part of this new update. These are:

  • The Tower of Alliances Event (February 29 to March 10)
    • During the event, the player's Alliance is matched against another Alliance to conquer the opposing Alliance's Tower starting from the ground floor.
    • The winning Alliance is rewarded with Alliance Coin, Suspendium and more.
  • Shilial Release Celebration Check-in (February 29 to March 14)
    • Check-in the game for 14 days and receive the [Red Snake] Shilial Hot Deal Summon Ticket, Suspendiums and more.
  • Shilial's Growth Mission (February 29 to March 13)
    • After getting SSR [Red Snake] Shilial, players can clear various in-game missions to earn mission points which can be used to obtain another SSR [Red Snake] Shilial.
    • Mission points can also be used to get Normal Summon Tickets and Exclusive Equipment Enhance items and even more rewards.
  • Shibisu's Strategy Lesson (March 8 to March 22)
    • Obtain Formation Tokens by having a match with a random player, which can be exchanged for various rewards including SSR characters.

In Tower of God: New World, players get to take control of fan-favorite characters to ascend the Tower. They get to join Twenty-Fifth Bam – along with more than 90 characters – as he fights his way through the Tower. Players get to experience gorgeous 3D animation that's sure to make them feel like they've stepped into an anime world. They also get to participate in fast-paced battle mechanics while making use of a unique Slot System that powers up a particular "slot" instead of a specific character.

Tower of God: New World is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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