Prepare To "Dough" As Bakery Simulator Arrives To PC This October

Time to bake some bread.
Time to bake some bread. Live Motion Games

As if we haven't had enough of simulation games, a new one is set to makes its debut to the PC this October. Live Motion Games announced that it is releasing its latest title Bakery Simulator on Steam. No one probably expected that we would "knead" this game.

Bakery Simulator focuses on single-player gameplay and promises what is a specific and realistic approach to being part of the bakery industry. The main elements of the game include working in a bakery and making sure that the bread is delivered to customers on time.

The story takes place in a city located in a mountain region populated by tens of thousand of residents. Players need to start a bakery business and, according to Live Motion, are given a wide range of freedom in terms of action. Thus, players can choose the location of their bakery and how to use the space. They can also buy specialist machines, enhance the production process, and even learn new recipes. An already mentioned, it is not simply about making bread, as the delivery to customers is just as important.

In a statement, Live Motion CEO Michał Kaczmarek said that with Bakery Simulator, the objective was to give players a high level of realism. The game is all about the entire production of bread and other products. The baking machines in the game, and even the recipes, are all based on real-world equivalents. To make this happen, Kaczmarek revealed that the game was made possible with the assistance of a consultant with a decade of experience in the bakery industry. Kaczmarek went on to say that the developers made sure "some gameplay elements will be simplified to make the gameplay as attractive and rewarding as possible."

The main features of Bakery Simulator include:

  • Realistic gameplay
  • Several dozen types of bread and ingredients
  • Many opportunities to develop bakery
  • Learning new recipes
  • Specialized machinery
  • Baking experiments
  • Attractive graphic design

Kaczmarek said that baking is a specific industry and that while the finished product doesn't look that complex, the whole process behind it is actually a bit complex. There is a need, for instance, to look out for a number of different elements like choosing the right amount of proportions of ingredients. Kaczmarek related that developers "are creating a comprehensive simulator, which will certainly in this and other respects positively surprise the players." He added that gameplay is going to "be enriched by random elements, which of course will additionally increase the replayability of the game.”

Console versions of Bakery Simulator are set for a 2020 release.

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