American Truck Simulator's Latest Addition Is Utah

Utah is the newest state in American Truck Simulator.
Utah is the newest state in American Truck Simulator. SCS Software

Utah has been confirmed as the latest extension for American Truck Simulator. As the 13th largest US state, Utah is home to three million residents. Aside from being a major tourist destination to many of America's famous and beautiful National Parks, it also acts as a center for education, information technology, mining, and transportation.

With the addition of Utah, American Truck Simulator players get the chance to travel through a diverse landscape. Drivers are tasked with delivering items by going through the expansive state of Utah. Indeed, the newest expansion makes players come across many notable landmarks and surviving remnants of the state's historic pioneer history.

Utah is the seventh state to be part of the game. Upon the launch, American Truck Simulator introduced California. During the launch, Nevada was added a free addition. The first state to be added post-launch was Arizona, which allowed 16 visitable cities. The addition of Arizona now meant that players would be able to visit 48 cities total.

New Mexico was then added, which was considered as the second largest to be featured in the game with 14 new cities, and more importantly a total of 4,000 additional miles. Oregon followed, though many players had already known about this upcoming release.

Just last month, American Truck Simulator added Washington as a new expansion. Though initially slated to be released late this year, developer SCS Software had said that the release may come earlier, which was what happened. Even with 16 new cities and 3,800 miles worth of roads, Washington so far is the smallest state in the game.

Players need American Truck Simulator to play the newest expansion. The game is available on Steam at a 75% discount until July 10.

Players can take advantage of the game's additional features by joining the online community on World of Trucks. This is the center for virtual truckers all around the world interested in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and future truck simulators.

Here players can:

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