Predecessor New Update Reworks Demon Edge

Patch v0.7.2 Omeda Studios

In their continued effort to improve time-to-kill (TTK) in Predecessor, the developers made substantial changes to certain items - one of them is the Demon Edge.

The Demon Edge is a tier-three item that got reworked in Patch v0.7.2. It used to have three different passive effects. If your health was above 40%, you gain a 15% boost to your bonus physical power. On the other hand, if your HP was below 40%, you gain 10% omnivamp. And lastly, Demon Edge previously empowered your physical attacks to ignore your target's physical armor by 35% (before penetration).

In the recent update, however, Demon Edge has been changed in that it now works as an anti-shield item for assassins. It has a new passive where damaging a shielded target deals 30% of the remaining shield as bonus physical damage and grants you a 20% movement speed boost for two seconds.

Aside from the new passive, the Demon Edge now grants 50 physical power and 12 physical penetration. This item is best used for shredding enemy shields, allowing you to counter opposing compositions that maximize shield use.

The Demon Edge is not the only item that received adjustments in Patch v0.7.2. Here's a list of the other items tweaked in this update:

Alchemical Rod

  • Font [Passive]:
    • Maximum Stacks 10 Ability Haste removed.
    • Font now grants Magical Power equal to 3.5% of maximum mana when fully stacked.

Barbed Pauldron

  • Stifle [Passive]:
    • Attack Speed Slow per Stack increased from 3% to 4%.
    • Stacks increased from 5 to 6.


  • Virulence [Passive]:
    • Bonus Damage increased from 20% to 25%.
    • Bonus True Damage changed to Bonus Physical Damage.


  • Added 275 Health.
  • 25 Magical Armor Removed.
  • Build Path changed from Honed Kris + Nullifying Mask + Sabre to Honed Kris + Banded Emerald + Sabre.


  • Bestial Torment [Passive]:
    • Physical Power Scaling decreased from 40% to 20%.
    • Cooldown Reduction on-hit increased from 1.5s to 2s.

The Perforator

  • 3,300 Cost.
  • 55 Physical Power.
  • 15 Ability Haste.
  • Built from Zealous Tomahawk+Sabre+Temporal Ripper.
  • Unique - Puncture [Passive]:
    • Gain 30% Physical Penetration.
  • Unique - Chilling Spells [Passive]:
    • Damaging abilities Slow affected Units by 25% (10% for DoT Abilities) for 1s.


  • 2,800g Cost
  • 30 Physical Power
  • 35 Attack Speed
  • 25% Critical Strike Chance
  • Builds From Barbaric Cleaver+Robust Arbalest.
  • Critical Cleave [Passive]:
    • Basic attacks deal an additional (+30% Total Physical Power) physical damage in a small area around the Target. This damage can critically strike. Damage ranges from 100% to 50% based on distance between Targets


  • 3,000 Cost.
  • 35 Physical Power.
  • 25% Critical Strike Chance.
  • Added Unique - Puncture [Passive]:
    • Gain 30% Physical Penetration.
  • Added Deicide [Passive]:
    • Deal 0% to 25% (based on maximum health difference) bonus physical damage against enemy heroes with greater maximum health than you.

So, what can you say about the newly reworked Demon Edge in Predecessor?

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