Pre-Registration for Tower of God: New World Now Open

Tower of God Pre-registration
Do you have what it takes to climb the Tower? Netmarble

Pre-registration for the upcoming collectible card game RPG Tower of God: New World is now open. Those who pre-register on either Google Play or App Store and sign up on the official Discord channel will get rewards once the game officially launches.

The game is based on the Tower of God franchise which started as a fantasy webtoon. It focuses on a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam and his friend Rachel, who lives under a mysterious and gigantic tower. There is the belief that whoever can reach the top of the tower will have their wishes granted. Wanting to improve her life, Rachel enters the tower without telling Bam, who later follows after her.

In Tower of God: New World, players get the chance to team up with Bam and join him on his quest to climb the tower and be reunited with Rachel. There are many gameplay modes to enjoy and characters to collect. They are challenged to level up their team and see just how far they can go.

Here's what you can expect in the game:

  • Story mode allows players to follow the story of Bam as he progresses through the tower.
  • Adventure mode lets players put together their own team to complete the Administrators' tasks while they make their way up the tower.
  • More than 100 colorful characters are available to collect, allowing players to come up with their own unique teams and playstyles.
  • Players can equip new characters at high levels without the need to spend precious time leveling them up, thanks to the Slot System.
  • High-quality animated cutscenes help bring the adventure to life.

In addition to what's mentioned, check out these extra features:

  • Sharing is Caring
    • "Shinsu Links" allows players to place any character into a powered-up slot, removing any need to strengthen each and every character.
    • Players can also get upgrade materials through the Loot system and avoid the need to always grind.
  • Intuitive Combat
    • The Elements and Positions used in combat are easy for anyone to pick up, however, they're difficult to master.
    • Players can prove their strategic brilliance across a lot of different game modes.

Tower of God: New World is coming to Android and iOS.

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