Pre-registration Now Open for WITH: Whale In The High

Are you ready for a relaxing game? Gravity

Global registration for the relaxing idle game WITH: Whale In The High starts today. Players can pre-register on Google Play and pre-order on the App Store. The game is developed by Skywalk and published by Gravity.

The game's main story is a result of incidents which take place after the main character, Wiz, ends up on the back of a whale. The main content includes Hideout Expansion and Wiz Decoration, filled with a lot of things that players can enjoy like interacting with the whale, decorating aquariums, taking pictures, and even sharing via social media.

The game also offers the latest trends and interesting elements like being able to express the characteristics of each Wiz with MBTI. There are beautiful pastel-colored graphics and high-quality background music as well, which highlight further the game's peaceful charm.

Game features include:

  • A stress-free idle mobile game that anyone can enjoy.
    • No more stress. As time goes by, gold and hearts are collected automatically.
    • No more pressure. Enjoy the slow-paced daily life of Wiz with soothing BGM.
  • Customize the adorable Wiz with various costumes and items.
    • Players can choose from a range of skin colors, costumes, shoes, bags, and more to create their own unique Wiz.
    • They can even give it their own name.
  • Grow the whale by communicating with it and feeding it.
    • Wiz and the whale have a symbiotic relationship.
    • Try feeding the whale with food made by Wiz.
    • Every day, the whale gives players a word of comfort to warm their heart.
    • The whale's comforting words can be a tremendous relaxing experience.
  • Gift your Wiz a pet.
    • On top of the whale, there are various pets living together in the fantasy world.
    • Make Wiz and pets friends so that Wiz isn't bored.
    • The affection level also goes up.
    • Enjoy the charm of small and cute pets.
  • Visit the Wiz village and experience the tranquility.
    • Relax and unwind while listening to the soothing ASMR sounds of the cute Wiz.
    • Relieve stress by enjoying the relaxing BGM in the Wiz village and being disturbed by nothing.

In a statement, Gravity Business Director Harry Choi shared that the game has many charming content that players will enjoy. He added it features several relaxing elements which let players experience excitements different from battle-centered games.

Learn more about WITH: Whale In The High.

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