Pre-Registration for Command & Conquer: Legions is Here

CandC Legions Pre-reg
Kirov reporting. Level Infinite

If you're a fan of the Command & Conquer franchise, then we have some exciting news for you. That's because it's heading for mobile platforms. Get ready for Command & Conquer: Legions. It's coming out later this year and to be available through Google Play, App Store, and the game's official website. Even more exciting news is that pre-registration for the game has started.

In celebration of the start of the pre-registration, Level Infinite has unveiled an exclusive in-game rewards program. Here are the milestones and corresponding rewards:

  • 500,000 Player Sign-ups
    • 500 Gold
    • Silver Chip x5
    • 15 Minutes Training Speedup x10
  • 1.5 Million Player Sign-ups
    • 1 Hour Building Speedup x6
    • Silver Chip x5
    • Frame: Victory Star x1
  • 3 Million Player Sign-ups
    • 1 Hour Research Speedup x1
    • Golden Chip x6
    • 24 Hour Guarding Shield x10
  • 5 Million Player Sign-ups
    • Base Skin: Soviets Construction Yard x1
    • Epic Officer x1

Prepare for Red Alert

Once the game officially launches worldwide, it's going to have its debut season feature Red Alert. This one though has been set in an alternate timeline where the Allied and Soviet forces continue to be in deadlock. However, the unexpected return of Yuri has disrupted the balance of power.

In the game, players get to choose and lead their chosen faction. They're not only able to build unstoppable armies but even recruit legendary Red Alert heroes. Of course, they also get to be part of a strategic campaign where they have the chance to thwart whatever Yuri is planning.

Game Features

If you're excited about the game, here are some of the key features to look forward to:

  • Iconic Command & Conquer and Red Alert Experience
    • Relive C&C and Red Alert storylines, units, heroes, and weaponry.
  • Epic Real-Time PvP Combat
    • Experience the thrill of real-time PvP battles.
    • Command a legion of legendary units like the Kirov Airship and Apocalypse Tank across a vast world map.
  • Strategic Depth
    • Forge the path to victory by mastering the unique strengths of each faction.
    • Unlock powerful superweapons and make critical decisions that can bring victory.
  • Social Exploration
    • Join global alliances, collaborate with fellow commanders and enjoy a streamlined mobile experience optimized for strategic gameplay.
  • Diverse Gameplay Modes
    • Get immersed in different combat scenarios like:
      • intense PVP skirmishes
      • cooperative alliance wars
      • expansive PVE campaigns
      • unique Roguelike Mecha mode

Excited to choose a faction and fight? Pre-register now.

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