Pre-Registration for Tarisland on PC and Mobile Now Open

Are you ready for a new adventure? Level Infinite

Pre-registration for Tarisland in now open not only for the PC but also for mobile platforms. The game is expected to be released this June 2024. Those who pre-register get to enjoy rewards once certain milestones are reached.

For the duration of the pre-registration period, there's also a special digital event where you not only get to be immersed in the game world but also get your hands on exclusive prizes. There are actually two types of events which are:

  • Millstone events
    • Users who pre-register using the LI PASS receive exclusive mounts, pets, and other in-game rewards.
  • Raffle Event
    • Players get the chance to win different in-game rewards that include an iPhone, $50 gift cards, and graphics cards for PC, to name a few.

Tarisland is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG game where players get to explore a magical world that's filled with rich storytelling and features unique gameplay experiences. By making use of the Unreal Engine 4, the game offers stunning visuals along with an immersive gaming experience. The game offers different dungeons and raids as well as rich in-game classes and unique MMO gameplay seasons, all to make sure that players are engaged.

Key features of the game include:

  • Diverse Classes & Specializations System
    • Derived from the classic warrior, mage, and priest classes, that game offers as much as nine different classes.
    • Each class offers two specializations for players to choose from.
  • Create Your Unique Build
    • Each profession brings with it a rich and flexible talent tree system.
    • It allows for cost-free adjustments that's based on different combat scenarios to find that unique build.
  • Challenge all sorts of Raids
    • Get to experience the pure fun of raids.
    • Cooperate with the team to overcome the different unique game mechanisms.
    • Test your skills and challenge epic-level bosses.
  • Explore a Vast World
    • Discover the large world within the game.
    • Check out the various puzzle and adventure gameplay.
    • Experience unique fun beyond adventures.
  • Enjoy the Same Fun on Cross-Platform
    • Experience the charm of raid progressions on both mobile and PC.
    • Cross-platform data sharing to play the game anytime and anywhere.

Pre-register for Tarisland on the PC through the game's official website. Pre-registration is also open on mobile platforms via Google Play and the App Store.

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