Powerwash Simulator Introduces New Careers in Latest Update

Learn what the new update has to offer.
Learn what the new update has to offer. Square Enix

Update 0.8 has been released for Powerwash Simulator. It introduces four new career jobs, Vintage Car challenges, and even colorful cosmetics.

This latest update has you wash away decades of dirt to learn more about the hidden history of the town in the abandoned Subway Platform, which is the largest level yet. In addition to this new job, players can also try and see if they can take on the Stunt Plane, Fortune Teller's Caravan, and Ancient Statue jobs.

There’s also a new challenge titled Vintage Car - Time & Water. Meanwhile, players can also check out the new cosmetics and say hello to the Prime Vista Pro skin Carbon.

In a statement, Lead Designer Dan Chequer commented that they’re excited to tease everyone again with a little more of the lore. He added that they love to see the theories being brought up by the community on where the story is headed.

Save Issue

Players should be happy to know that the issue where players loaded data from a previous save will not finish half-finished tasks has been fixed.

According to the team, any level that has washing progress is auto-completed when booting up the game after the update. Meanwhile, partially completed levels auto-complete when joining the level. However, it’s important to note that they appear at the percentage it was left on the menu initially.

The team went on to say that the game has undergone changes since it was first launched in Early Access. While this isn’t really ideal, it was important for the team to resolve some issues that happened with conflicting saves between patches. Anyway, players who have been stuck with unwashable objects at 99% can now continue as normal.

Non-Slippy Ladders

Since the game was released, a lot of players have been complaining about being able to stay on the ladder without slipping off the ladders’ sides. With Update 0.8, players no longer easily slip off the side and it will keep players inside unless they are purposefully trying to get off the ladders.

Check out what else arrived in Update 0.8 here.

Powerwash Simulator is available on PC via Steam Early Access. Learn more about the game here.

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