Powerwash Simulator New Online Co-op Now Live

Have fun with friends.
Have fun with friends. Square Enix

Who knew that a game about cleaning stuff using high-pressure water would bring in the gang? That is the case with PowerWash Simulator introducing a new feature with Online Co-op. With this, a maximum of six friends can join Free Play and take on any job that has already been completed by the host.

In a statement, FuturLab Founder and Creative Director James Marsden shared that this new feature is a big step for the team to reach the vision they have for the game. This new feature brings people together and allows everyone to enjoy the game in a non-competitive environment.

Besides this new exciting feature, it’s not the only one arriving with the new update. There’s the new game mode called Career Co-op which allows for two players to play. These two players can choose between being a Host and an Assistant. The Host is the only one that can earn cash and make progress. The Assistant, meanwhile, is limited to using the same equipment that the Host can use, except for soap.

New as well is the FOV slider. It looks like this is something that the team wanted to add for quite some time. That’s because they wanted to lower the chance of players experiencing motion sickness along with offering a general quality-of-life improvement.

Other new additions are:

  • New Washer: Prime Vista PRO
  • New Cosmetics: Colours for the model, blue gloves, and Jungle-themed Urban X washer skin
  • New Challenges: Motorbike & Sidecar - Time & Water

Considering that the game is still in Early Access on Steam, the team revealed that everything is still in beta, so they welcome feedback and community input. For example, there may be some performance issues for the Host when it comes to a larger level, particularly when playing with six players. It depends on the rigs of the players. Read all about the new update and the various issues here.

So what are you waiting for? Time to put on the suit and turn on the hose. PowerWash Simulator is available on PC.

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