Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Adds Street Fighter Icon To Roster

New update released.
Chun-Li joins the fight.
Chun-Li joins the fight. nWay

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has upped the nostalgia factor by introducing none other than Street Fighter's Chun-Li to the roster. She's not going to be the same Chun-Li we've seen before though, as she transforms into Chun-Li Ranger in order to fight M. Bison and his army of evil Rangers.

Chun-Li's arrival to Legacy Wars is a result of a partnership between developer nWay and Capcom. This is not the first time that a Street Fighter character has joined the Power Rangers universe. Back in May of last year, some characters in the Street Fighter franchise were introduced. By July, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars featured Ryu getting a Power Coin and morphing into a Power Ranger.

With Chun-Li, she gets the power of the Blazing Phoenix, resulting in her moves setting opponents ablaze with blue phoenix fire. Players can have Chun-Li have the Kasairyuu (Volcano Kick) turn into Houohmai (Phoenix Dance) and then activate the super to unleash a brutal Senhoukyaku (Thousand Phoenix Kicks).

New Update Released

In addition to introducing Chun-Li, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars also released its latest batch of improvements with Update 2.7.

Balances arriving.
Balances arriving. nWay

According to the developers, the goal with this update was to balance the Warrior Meta of the game. However, this isn't just about shaking the meta, but to also offer a larger pool of viable characters. To make this happen, the game took its top four Leaders down a notch. These include:

  • Devon Daniels
    • Lower super meter grant from attacks
    • Feral Flurry damage reduced by 20%
    • Carnivorous Chase damage reduced by 25%, removed dash cancel
    • Ferocious Fang damage reduced by 25%, now resets EP cooldown
  • Guile
    • Bullet Revolver can no longer dash cancel
    • Sonic Blade hit now interrupts instead of stunning

That said, characters who have been performing poorly were given a bit of a buff. These include:

  • Black Dragon
    • Negabeam damage raised 20%, has 5 hits instead of 2, and starts up faster
    • Stomp and Chomp gets 1 armor
    • Stomp and Chomp can now be dash canceled after the second hit as well as the first
    • Chaos Wave is now a breaker, but EP cost 2 -> 3
  • Lord Zedd
    • Vicious Poke EP cost 3 -> 2
    • Double Trouble is now dash cancelable after finger snap before first swing
    • Shock Quake sweeps after the first hit

A full list of the changes that arrived with the new update can be viewed here.

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