Popular Twitch Streamer Mizkif Has Some Sound Advice for Budding Streamers

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Streaming is a popular thing nowadays, mainly because of how easy it is to get started. Just get the right hardware and a strong internet connection and you can start your streaming career on platforms like Twitch. Despite that, making a name for yourself in this industry is quite difficult, especially with the growing number of streamers out there.

While it's easy to blame Twitch for low viewer counts, Mizkif tells budding streamers to just do better.

Who is He?

Matthew Rinaudo or more popularly known as Mizkif started his career back in 2016 as a Twitch streamer. He rose to prominence after working as a cameraman for Ice Poseidon. He's best known for playing games such as Super Mario 64, Fall Guys, and League of Legends, among many others. He currently has 2 million followers on Twitch.

In a recent broadcast, Mizkif voiced his opinions about discoverability on Twitch related to small- and medium-sized content creators. He explained that most streamers suffer from low viewership numbers because they are "not good streamers." While this may seem harsh, he went on to give advice to those who want to amass a loyal following in this industry.

He said that instead of complaining, Twitch streamers should go to other platforms like TikTok and YouTube to grow their brands, and while they're at it, they should encourage people to join their communities as well.

What About the Tax Issue?

Apart from his spicy take on small Twitch streamers, Mizkif was embroiled in a tax issue earlier this year.

For those who don't know, Mizkif said in an April livestream that he owed $718,000 in taxes. Apparently, his former accounting firm lacked the proper understanding of how streaming income is taxed.

While things may have looked dire for Mizkif, he's bailed out by his friend Emily, more popularly known as Emiru. She came to his rescue by lending him $400,000.

So, what has changed since then? After the bombshell revelation, nothing else was explicitly said about this matter. Maybe this has already been resolved.

How About the Present?

Mizkif seems to spend most of his time with the members of OTK Media, aka One True King. In fact, if you're a fan, there's a new video that you can check out where Mizkif and the folks of OTK are playing The Quiet Place game.

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