Polynesian God Maui Surfs His Way to SMITE in Update 9.10

New God: Maui, the Hero of Hawai'i
New God: Maui, the Hero of Hawai'i Titan Forge Games

A new god has surfaced in the MOBA game SMITE in the recently released Update 9.10.

Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i, is the latest god in SMITE. Maui acts more of a facilitator than a carry because most of his abilities set enemies up for his allies to kill.

With his passive ability, an enemy god under crowd control near him will be marked. If Maui attacks an enemy with this mark, his next basic attack is enhanced. Enemy gods hit by this will be pulled toward the Hero of Hawai’i.

His Master Fisherman ability can damage and hook enemies as well, though it requires some time to charge. The longer it’s charged, the farther the hook goes. Maui can use this to reel enemies in, crippling and vortexing them for 1.5 seconds. Maui can also cancel this at any time, which is useful if the situation becomes too heated.

Aside from setting enemies up, Maui can provide his allies with protections via Mystical Ulua. Made of magical water, Maui throws an Ulua that creates a small area, giving allied gods in range some protections against physical/magical damage, as well as a small boost in movement speed for five seconds.

For his third ability, Maui jumps and hooks onto a ray of light, swinging back and forth. Reactivating this ability allows Maui to leap from the rope, slamming his hook into the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies in the area.

Maui also has the power to hook an island from the sea with his ultimate ability, Landfall. Once Maui has chosen a suitable area, he leaps into the air and throws his hook to the ground, pulling up an island in the process. Enemies within the area are knocked up into the air and pulled in front of Maui. The island may look small, but this can block player movement. Reactivating the ultimate will prompt Maui to destroy the island early.

New Event

In addition to the new god, Update 9.10 invites players to join this year’s Reaping Event. Those who purchase an item from the said affair will receive a Pumpkin. Collecting three of these will unlock the Dark Magic Aphrodite Skin. Players who have a total of six Pumpkins can unlock the Toony Terror skin for Scylla as well.

Toony Terror Scylla Skin
Toony Terror Scylla Skin Titan Forge Games

Here are the other skins that can be purchased in the Reaping Event:

  • Honey Bunny Bastet
  • Plague Purger Ra
  • Cyberwolf Skadi
  • Detoxify Maui
  • Blood Moon Nox

So, what can you say about the new god Maui?

SMITE Update 9.10 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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