Pokémon UNITE: Blastoise Blasting Its Way to Aeos Island Next Week

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Blastoise is blasting its way to Pokémon UNITE in September, announced on Twitter.

Ever since the surprise release of Blissey, many UNITE fans have been wondering if developer TiMi Studios has intentions of releasing the final form of Squirtle soon.

Thankfully, the community doesn’t have to wait long as the water-based Pokémon will arrive in Aeos Island next week.

What Blastoise Has to Offer

In the short clip above, you can see that Blastoise has a couple of cool moves. For one, it can be seen going back to its shell and then spinning around the enemy, dealing damage and possibly getting immunity to certain effects during the entirety of the move.

You can also see it blasting water from its cannons using Hydro Typhoon, and literally “Surfed” its way toward an opponent. Hopefully, the devs do not feel the need to add a surfing maneuver on each water Pokémon in the future.

Anyway, the last ability that can be seen seems to be the Pokémon‘s ultimate. Blastoise spins once while also firing a stream of water from its cannons. From the looks of it, the ability likely deals quite a lot of damage as its fellow Kanto Region Pokémon, Charizard and Venusaur, were all wiped out afterward.

In addition, Blastoise looks cool when dunking Aeos Energy into an enemy goal as it uses its trusty water cannons to do so.

Blastoise is a new defender Pokémon and will join Slowbro, Snorlax, and Crustle in the said category.

Mobile Version and Future Pokémon

The developers seem on a roll here when it comes to introducing new content to Pokémon UNITE.

Blissey is a new support Pokémon and was already launched last week, and Blastoise is a new defender that will be added next week. In the recent Pokémon Presents event, it was announced that Sylveon and Mammoswine will also be joining the game sometime in the near future.

Those who are clamoring for the mobile version of the game will only have to wait less than a month for its release, September 22. Anyway, those who are eager to play Blastoise, mark your calendars as the popular water-based Pokémon will be released on September 1.

Pokémon UNITE is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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