Pokémon UNITE: Mobile Version Release Date Revealed

Pokemon Unite Pre-Register Rewards
Pokemon Unite Pre-Register Rewards Twitter/@PokemonUnite

The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios Group have announced in the recent Pokémon Presents event that the mobile version of Pokémon UNITE will be launching on September 22 on Android and iOS.

In a recent tweet, those who will pre-register become eligible for certain rewards. As for what those rewards are, once the mobile version has reached 2.5 million pre-registrants, they will receive the Pikachu License.

If more than 5 million people have pre-registered, they will receive the Pikachu Holoware Festival Style License. Pre-registration is ongoing on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You will have until October 31, 2021, to complete the log-in event in the mobile version and redeem the rewards.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, you will need a license to summon certain Pokémon on the battlefield. If you get the Pikachu license, you can start summoning the cute electric Pokémon right off the bat.

The good thing about the mobile release is the support for cross-play. This means that you can play with your buddies regardless of what platform they use.

If you are playing on the Nintendo Switch right now, you can log into the game before the end of August to receive a Zeraora license. This particular license can be used on both Switch and mobile versions, though you have to make sure your accounts are linked.

Cross-play Worries

Even though some people deem cross-play as a godsend, some have expressed their concerns about the feature.

One user said that there may be some trouble with matchmaking if cross-play is enabled. There is a possibility that some people in veteran rank can be matched up with expert-class players.

In a follow-up tweet, they’ve said that those in the higher rank may get paired up with noobs, essentially making their climb to the top much harder.

New Pokémon Revealed

Also announced in the event are two Pokémon that will be coming to the game in future updates. These Pokémon are Mamoswine and Sylveon.

It is still unclear whether they will be launched at the same time as the mobile version, but there is a chance.

The developers are on a roll when it comes to updates as the new support Pokémon Blissey was just recently added to the roster.

So, are you going to pre-register for mobile Pokémon UNITE?

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