‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Ultra Beasts: Everything You Need To Know

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pokemon sun and moon ultra beasts
One of the new Ultra Beasts in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

Ultra Beasts are the biggest mystery of Pokémon Sun and Moon . Their story is told over the course of the game and their existence changes the Pokémon franchise forever.

But are the Ultra Beasts Pokémon or something more?

In this guide we will explain what the Ultra Beasts are and how they fit in the story of Sun and Moon and how you interact with them.

SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil parts of the Sun and Moon story. If you don’t want to know what happens before you play, turn back now.


Ultra Beasts are, essentially, beings from another dimension that the Aether Foundation and other Pokémon Professors are investigating. They have appeared on Alola and threaten to throw the Pokémon world out of whack.

No one actually knows what Ultra Beasts are, if they are Pokémon or not, but they battle like Pokémon. Their typings and everything else about them remain unknown but the Aether Foundation figures out how to access the Ultra Beast dimension and one of the characters even goes as far as to fuse with one of the Ultra Beasts.

However, fusing with Ultra Beasts has a negative effect on the body, even after separating.

Once the main story of Sun and Moon is complete, Ultra Beasts have come to Alola from the main conflict and you are tasked with defeating or capturing Ultra Beasts.

The Aether Foundation has created Beast Balls to capture the Ultra Beasts and you’ll learn a lot more about them once you do. There are five incidents of Ultra Beasts terrorizing certain areas of Alola and it’s up to you to catch them for the International Police. Each incident will bring about a new Ultra Beast to catch starting with UB01 and moving up.


In the post game of Sun and Moon , your trainer will be tasked to catch the Ultra Beasts that have escaped into Alola.

It is good to note that some Ultra Beasts are only available in certain versions and which version an Ultra Beast appears in will be noted but the best way to catch the Ultra Beasts has to deal with their unique ability.

Beast Boost increases the Ultra Beast’s best stat every time they knock out a Pokémon. This can lead to a sweep of your team if you are not careful. So the best way to counter this is to use your first turn to change their ability.

Use Entrainment or Simple Beam or any other ability-changing move immediately.

The first Ultra Beast is at level 55 and goes up by five with each new incident so bring your A-Team into battle.

Treat the Ultra Beast like any other Pokémon and whittle down their health until you catch it.

Here’s a list of every Ultra Beast including their typings and locations.

UB01 Symbiont/Nihelego


Diglett Cave or Vela Mountain

UB02 Beauty/Phermosa (Moon)


Verdant Cavern

UB02 Absorption/Buzzwole (Sun)


Verdant Cavern

UB03 Lighting/Xurkitree  


Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill

UB04 Blaster/Celesteela (Moon)


Haina Desert and Malie Garden

UB04    /Kartana (Sun)


Haina Desert and Malie Garden

UB05 Glutton/Guzzlord


Resolution Cave

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