Marshadow Coming To Pokémon Sun And Moon In October

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Marshadow performing its Z-Move
Marshadow performing its Z-Move Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company has announced how and when trainers can get their hands on the mysterious Marshadow into their Pokémon Sun and Moon games. Once again, Marshadow will be available like many of the past event Pokémon.

Starting from Oct. 9-23, select GameStop locations in the U.S. will distribute codes to download the Gen. 7 Mythical Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers. Meanwhile, trainers in Europe will have from Oct. 1 to Nov. 14 to acquire their Marshadow codes.

The special Marshadow will come at Level 50 with the attacks Force Palm, Close Combat, Shadow Ball and Spectral Thief, a move that is exclusive to Marshadow. Spectral Thief is a special move that not only deals damage, but steals any stat boost that the opponent may have given itself.

The special Marshadow from GameStop also features its special Z-Crystal Marshadium-Z, allowing the Ghost and Fighting-type Pokémon to perform its Signature Z-Move 7-Star Strike.

Marshadow will likely be the last Sun and Moon event before the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in November, so be sure to download your Marshadow before the event ends so you can use your Pokémon Bank to transfer it.

When you receive your code from GameStop to obtain Marshadow, follow these steps to download the Ghost and Fighting-type Pokémon into your Pokémon Sun or Moon game:

  • Boot up the game and select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  • Select Receive Gift and then Get with Code/Password and then select Yes to connect to the internet.
  • Enter the password received from GameStop and Marshadow will be sent to your game.
  • Start the game and go to the nearest Pokémon Center to speak with the delivery person (the man in the blue and orange shirt) to receive your Marshadow.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are available now for the Nintendo 3DS.

Are you excited to download Marshadow into Sun and Moon? What moves are you willing to teach it? Let us know your battle set of preference in the comments section below.

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