Pokémon Nintendo Switch Rumors: New Battle System And Release Date?

Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch
Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch Nintendo/PlayerOne

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just released for 3DS, but a new rumor regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch title already has the community talking.

According to a PokeJungle rumor, the Nintendo Switch title may have a possible release date as well as a possible inspiration for the Gen 8 region. We do need to state that these rumors are just that and neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have provided official confirmation.

However, PokeJungle’s source for these new rumors are the same people who revealed that Rainbow Rocket are featured in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Here’s some possible details for the Pokémon game on Switch:

  • There will be no new Mega Evolutions introduced in the new games

  • Z-Moves return and now use motion control to activate using the Joy-Cons

  • Central plot revolves around the conflict between tradition and innovation

  • Region inspiration has been rumored to be Spain or Italy

  • Release to come late 2018 (~December) or early 2019

The rumor further suggests the new game will feature a “new, simplified” battle system that is compared to Digimon World games. This system is a real-time battle style that will have trainers choose attacks in the options menu, but also give Pokémon the option to block.

This new battle system may also possess elements from Pokken Tournament that allow Pokémon to either attack, block or grab in a rock-paper-scissor fashion.

It makes sense for the first Pokémon title on a new Switch console to feature a very different battle system. What’s more, the rumor that the Gen 8 region will be inspired by Spain or Italy has picked up steam in recent weeks. Still, we must state again that the rumors are still in its infancy and fans should be wary about them.

While the source of the latest rumor correctly predicted Rainbow Rocket, they also incorrectly claimed that Molayne (the Steel-type trainer in Sun and Moon) would join the Elite Four in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon . They also stated that a new Alola Form would be added to Ultra Sun and Moon (presumably Alolan Oddish), but that didn’t happen either.

The Pokémon Company announced Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would be the final main games on the Nintendo 3DS and that the next installment will be a traditional Pokémon RPG on the Switch. Not much else is known about these upcoming game, but more information and rumors will likely come out in the months ahead.

So what do you think of these Pokémon Switch rumors? Are they too out there to be real? Let us know in the comments section below.

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