Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Rumor: Team Rocket Returns & Alolan Oddish?

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Team Rocket in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
Team Rocket in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company has kept lot of information from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon under wraps, but a new leak may have confirmed the return of the beloved Team Rocket in Alola.

According to Serebii, a Japanese download card revealed Team Rocket will return in a pair of screenshots. Each card shows a Team Rocket grunt’s battle scene in the bottom-left corner. Take a look at the download cards showing Team Rocket below.

There’s also a screenshot on the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon download card that looks to be the Team Rocket base, but it’s cut off by the Japanese characters. While this new leak pretty much confirms Team Rocket’s return in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, The Pokémon Company has yet to provide official confirmation.

Team Rocket’s supposed leak gives credence to an earlier rumor on 4Chan that was released

In an Oct. 11 post on 4Chan. In it, a user posted information allegedly backed by the Chinese Riddler on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. The user posted about RR being a part of the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon story and that Team Rocket’s return means RR is Team Rocket. The user also claimed the team is known as Rainbow Rocket, hence RR.

This post was supposedly backed by another source from China who supposedly had contact with the Chinese Riddler and revealed that RR was indeed Rainbow Rocket.

If you look at the screenshots of the Rocket grunts from the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon download cards, you’ll see a rainbow behind them. This could point to this iteration of Team Rocket becoming Rainbow Rocket.

There’s some other information in the most recent leak, like Molayne being one of the Elite Four in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and that Rainbow Rocket will be able to summon past bosses. The leak also states that a Gen 1 Grass and Poison-type Pokémon will be receiving an Alola Form. The Chinese Translator believes it to be Oddish.

Again, this information is unconfirmed, but the closer to the release date the more information will likely leak.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17.

So what do you think of Team Rocket’s return? Do you believe this supposed leak about Oddish? Let us know in the comments section below.

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