Pokémon GO Shows Plans for Early 2022

See what's in store for trainers worldwide.
See what's in store for trainers worldwide. Niantic

Niantic finally gave us a peek into what’s being planned for 2022 in Pokémon GO. The focus appears to be on improving the game and introducing exciting updates to trainers worldwide.

In a post, the Pokémon GO Team revealed that the upcoming changes are based on the unique pillars of real-world social interaction, exercise, and exploration. The team added that while these have always been central when it came to the design approach, implementing the ideas based on them has been a challenge.

Global Events

There are a lot of things the team is working on and one of these is continuing global events with the Pokémon GO Tour. The Johto Tour, which is happening this weekend, is a result of the enthusiastic response to last year’s Kanto Tour. For this year, trainers around the world can join this special event virtually. There are places, however, where trainers can enjoy live events.

GO Battle League

Trainers can expect to see improvements on GO Battle League. The team shared that they’re focusing on various improvements and updates. These include urgent bug fixes. More details about this are expected to be revealed in a future Dev Diary.

Planned Updates

Some updates being worked on include:

  • Postcard Update
    • The team is working on adding additional functionality to this feature.
    • These include notifications, sticker saving, and even an expanded Gift maximum.
    • New Postcard sorting methods and new Postcard notes.
  • Seasonal Update
    • In the coming Season, trainers can look forward to several seasonal Special Research stories with a focus on smaller-scale adventures.
  • ​Community Day Update
    • While the two years have been difficult, the team said that they continue to look for ways to improve the sense of community that Trainers feel around the world.
    • The first-ever Community Day Classic was an experiment, and the team has been testing community-hosted events on a smaller scale.
    • The team continues to explore the concept of Community Day to keep the events fresh and exciting.

The team clarified that everything mentioned is simply a guide for the coming months. Considering that game development is challenging and unpredictable, some details could change.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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