Pokémon GO: Kick Off 2024 in Style with the New Year's Event

Get ready to welcome the new year. Niantic

The new year is almost here and what better way to celebrate the start of 2024 that with a party. Pokémon GO is inviting you to New Year's 2024 happening from January 1 to January 3. It's going to see new costumed Pokémon appear which are Jigglypuff wearing a ribbon and Wigglytuff wearing a ribbon.

That's not all since during the event, festive fireworks are going to light up the skies.

During the celebration for the New Year, trainers can enjoy 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators. In addition, there's also the 1/4 Hatch Distance for the first three Eggs hatched during the event using the Pokémon GO Egg hatching widget.

During the event, here are the different things that are happening:

  • These Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild:
    • Jigglypuff wearing a ribbon
    • Hoothoot wearing a New Year's outfit
    • Darumaka
  • Some Trainers have the chance to encounter Bronzor.
  • These Pokémon appear in Raids:
    • One-Star Raids
      • Bulbasaur wearing a party hat
      • Charmander wearing a party hat
      • Squirtle wearing a party hat
      • Hoothoot wearing a New Year's outfit
      • Wurmple wearing a party hat
    • Three-Star Raids
      • Raticate wearing a party hat
      • Nidorino wearing a party hat
      • Gengar wearing a party hat
      • Wobbuffet wearing a party hat
    • Five-Star Raids
      • Buzzwole (Americas)
      • Xurkitree (Asia-Pacific)
      • Pheromosa (Europe)
    • Mega Raids
      • Mega Ampharos
  • These Pokémon hatch from 7 km Eggs:
    • Pichu wearing a party hat
    • Cleffa
    • Igglybuff
    • Togepi
    • Tyrogue
    • Smoochum
    • Elekid
    • Magby
    • Azurill
    • Wynaut
  • New Year's–themed Field Research tasks are available and those who complete the research tasks earn Stardust.
  • Trainers may encounter Darumaka when Field Research tasks are completed.

Paid Timed Research

For $1.00, trainers can access event-exclusive Timed Research. Those who complete research tasks can earn Stardust, XP, and PokéCoins. They can even encounter event-specific Pokémon which include Jigglypuff wearing a ribbon, Hoothoot wearing a New Year's outfit, and Wurmple wearing a party hat.

It's important to remember that Timed Research expires. That means the tasks have to be completed before January 3. In addition, rewards have to be claimed before that date as well.

Excited for the New Year celebration? Pokémon GO is available to download on mobile platforms via Google Play and App Store.

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