Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack Now Available

Prepare for new animals.
Prepare for new animals. Frontier Developments

The new Wetlands Animal Pack for Planet Zoo is now available. It introduces players to seven new habitat animals along with one new exhibit animal. The new pack arrives in the game alongside Update 1.9. The Wetlands Animal Pack is available on Steam for $9.99.

The seven new habitat animals are:

  • Capybara
  • Platypus
  • Asian Small-Clawed Otter
  • Spectacled Caiman
  • Wild Water Buffalo
  • Red-Crowned Crane
  • Nile Lechwe

There is also the Danube Crested Newt, which is the smallest of its species.

Complementing these new animals are the new water-themed items. They can soak under the new Hot Water Tap and enjoy the sun with the new Natural Water Jet. The animals can even dive down with the new Small Underwater Feeder and Underwater Buoy items.

This new pack also offers a new Timed Scenario which takes players to the Pantanal in Brazil. Here, they are tasked with building a forever home for rescue animals considered unfit to return to the wild. This particular scenario features a high welfare requirement and limited space restrictions because of the tricky wetlands environment.

The Educators

The new update introduces some exciting new features to the game. These include the free-roaming Educators, which is a new way for the Educator staff to bring enriching experiences to the guests. Specifically, these Educators get access to a new task known as Roaming Talks. Educators assigned to hold Roaming Talks wander the zoo and occasionally stop to hold a short informative talk about nearby species or a random conservation topic, as long as they have enough energy and aren't due to hold an Animal Talk. Guests not having priority destinations will stop and listen to nearby Roaming Talks, which let them gain small boosts to happiness and education, based on the level of the educator.

Explore Camera

Another new feature is the Explore camera mode which is available through the Camera Modes widget in the main HUD. This allows players to place the camera on any surface in the park. Players can control the Explore camera using the WASD keys and follow the terrain at a fixed height. The goal is to have players enjoy the views the same way the guests would.

Read more about the new pack and the new update here.

Planet Zoo is available on PC.

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