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Enjoy new content.
Enjoy new content. Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo released its latest DLC Southeast Asia Animal Pack giving players access to new animals. In addition to new animals, experience a new scenario and all-new challenges for the zoo. This newest addition to the game is available at Steam for $9.99.

Let’s start with the new timed scenario that takes players to the heart of Perak, Malaysia. It involves the Great Animal Park that was once in mid-expansion before the funding fell through. The new scenario tasks you to complete the clearly half-finished habitats and bring in new animals. Don’t forget as well to get capable staff before opening it to visitors.

New Animals

The eight new animals are all native to Southeast Asia. You must build habitats for them and entertain them with enrichment items. Obtain the rare clouded leopard known for its solitary and secretive person. Once the park is finished, tourists have the chance to see the sun bears climbing trees and playing with each other. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make the favorite food of proboscis monkeys to initiate grazing.

Get to enjoy the Ussuri dhole, typically in a pack, and that unique whistle they use to communicate with one another. The giant leaf insect, on the other hand, is an expert when it comes to camouflage.

The other animals in this new pack are:

  • Malaysian tapir
  • North Sulawesi babirusa
  • Binturong

Steam Workshop

For those looking to use their creative juices, the DLC is compatible with the Steam Workshop. Players can come up with their own designs and share them with the world. They can also connect with the community and see what others are offering.

Update 1.5

The Southeast Asia Animal Pack also arrives with Update 1.5, which brings some interesting features. For example, the free update now allows players to place multiple entrances on their zoo. It’s a bit expensive but it’s sure to increase the number of visitors. Update 1.5 also lets players put up custom billboards and these should give the zoo a more personal touch.

Get the Southeast Asia Animal Pack here. Learn more about the previous DLCs here.

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