Planet Zoo Introduces Five New Animals with Europe Pack

A lot of new things.
A lot of new things. Frontier Developments

New animals are coming soon to Planet Zoo courtesy of the Europe Pack. It brings five new animals which are sure to impress those guests. They are the Eurasian Lynx, Alpine Ibex, European Badger, European Fallow Deer, and Fire Salamander. This new pack arrives on Steam on December 14, priced at $9.99.

Winter Wonderland

That’s not all since there’s also a wide range of winter scenery, which should give zookeepers the chance to turn their zoo into a winter wonderland, in time for the holidays. Expect to see more than 250 pieces of scenery inspired by many of the most idyllic destinations in Europe like Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, and France.

The Europe Pack also brings a new timed scenario set against a wintry alpine backdrop. In this one, zookeepers need to expand and improve their mountainside zoo while going against the clock.

A New Kind of Experience

The Europe Pack is not the only thing that players can be excited about on December 14. On the same day, there’s a free update launching to improve many in-game features.

One big change that Update 1.8 will introduce is restaurants. With this, zookeepers can now offer guests a truly unique culinary experience. Each restaurant allows for as many as 20 tables to be connected. There are also flexicolor table options and table placement. Read more about this new feature here.

In addition to restaurants, there are also shop counters. This alternate option allows players to create stores that give them a counter-only version of different shops already available.

For the Animals

The new update isn’t all about humans since there are also features for animals. One of these is related to burrows. This feature lets players put burrows across the zoo, which should give animals a place to stay, sleep, or give birth. The burrow’s entrance is always aligned with the terrain and leads to an underground chamber positioned below the entrance.

These same burrows come with internal habitat cameras, which allow players to see what’s happening underground and monitor the animals.

Another new stuff is the animal memorials. This is a good way to make sure that any animals lost are not forgotten. There are two parts to this with the first one being a UI section where players can keep track of the animals that passed away in their zoos. Then there are the physical memorials that can be placed as a tribute to specific animals.

What do you think? Excited about all of these?

Planet Zoo is available on PC through Steam.

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