Planet Zoo Update 1.5 Arriving March 30

Some exciting changes are coming.
Some exciting changes are coming. Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo announced that Update 1.5 is set to arrive on March 30. This free update comes with many features that have been requested by players. Of course, there are the usual qualify-of-life changes.

Multiple Zoo Entrances

One of the most requested features is for the zoo to have multiple entrances no matter the gameplay mode. While it’s going to be a bit expensive, the update will allow players to come up with spawn points and entrances to improve the zoo's efficiency.

Players also have total freedom when it comes to the spawn locations. However, if a spawn point is too far away from a ticket booth, players are going to get a warning notification.

Custom Billboards

Another new feature arriving with the new update is Custom Billboards. What this means is that players can now come up with their own signs to be placed around the zoo. The billboards include new assets like screens and let players change the image using one of their own. This should make the zoo look even better.

Water Visual Setting UI

Update 1.5 now makes water volumes fully interactable and selectable objects. That means players can now click on them and bring up their information panel. Through the water UI, players can also get some trivia statistics about the lake as well as connection details of what cleaning and temperature facilities can affect the lake.


Players get the chance to enjoy a new Free Timed Scenario. After all, where can players get the chance to go back to when it all started like even before Bernie made his first zoo? How about taking over the renovation of Scholey Manor and turning it into a great attraction? The question is can you beat Bernie’s record when it comes to developing a Lion breeding program?

Scenario Rewards

Planet Zoo is also adding statues that players can see on the Globe of the Career and Timed Scenarios as scenery pieces, which are received as rewards. Meanwhile, finishing a medal on a Scenario level lets players earn that medal’s color version of the statue. It also unlocks a new level.

See all the changes coming with Update 1.5 here.

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